Invitations By Color

Invitation Suites categorized by basic color groups –


How colors can give meaning to your wedding theme

Black – very formal and sophisticated
Boldly sophisticated a hint of dark elegance – all black wedding with maybe a spot color of red, pink or white would be striking. Black weddings can be year round and are for the boldest of the bold.

Blue – devoted relaxing and peaceful
Blue is tranquil, calm, peaceful, honest, trusting, and faithful. It is said to bring love and luck to weddings. Dusty or pastel blues work well in spring. Sky, aqua, teal or turquoise blues are great for summer and beach weddings. Deep royal blues and navy blues work well for fall and winter or paired with white or a warm color for summer.

Brown – security, stability, and comfort
Brown is a richly neutral tone. Accent with blush pink, ivory or a pale teal for an exotic feel. Taupe, beige or cream make lovely spring and summer colors, and chocolate brown is lovely for fall and winter. Paired with blush pink or ivory is delightful.

Green – growth health and the environment
Green creates a calming and serenity and can encourage a feeling of unity and togetherness among your guests. Crisp grass green for spring/summer weddings, olive/ sage greens for fall and forest/emerald green for winter. Neo green paired with hot pink says “1960’s pop princess.” Olive or bold green combined with black & white looks royally regal, in a new-millennium way.

Orange – vibrant, cheery, warmth
Orange appeals to flamboyant and fun-loving people, and also represents joyfulness, and vibrance. Paired with blue to balance, purple for a spiritual vibrance or yellow for a light joyful feel. Orange is a very energetic color and will give your wedding a good natured vibrant mood.

Pink –  unconditional love and understanding, nostalgia
No color is more romantic than pink. Pale blush pinks are wonderful for Spring weddings and vibrant pinks are lovely for Summer weddings. Shades of pink are beautifully paired with many other colors – Dusty blue and blush, pewter grey and pale pink, Deep salmon pink and sage green. It is most likely the most versatile color for weddings.

Purple – enchanting, fantasy, mystery
Purple is for the unconventional, artistic bride who is sensitive, creative and compassionate. Lavenders, Violets and Lilacs are wonderful for spring and summer weddings. Deeper purples, cassis and eggplant are marvelous for fall and winter events.

Red – the color of love – passion, energy and excitement
For the Bride who loves attention, and who is naturally extroverted, confident and optimistic. Perfect color for Christmas or Valentine weddings. For fall, select a deeper shade of red such as wine, cabernet or burgundy.

White – innocence, wholeness and perfection
An all-white wedding is simple and elegant. White symbolizes purity, cleanliness, and innocence. An all-white wedding in the summertime heat will instantly give a feeling of coolness. White feels honest and a hint of a fresh beginning. White also represents a desire for simplicity and transparency in life. Year round color choice and pairs well with every color.

Yellow – cheery, warm, joyful
Giving a feeling of warmth and happiness – creating joy and cheerful moods like a warm summer day.  Very pale yellows are beautiful for spring weddings, lemon yellows are lovely for a citrus Italian summer theme and darker sunflower yellows make fall weddings pop.