Modern Copper & Italian Marble Wedding Stationery

Modern Wedding Invitation | Modern Copper & Marble Wedding Inspiration Original Design by the BarefootBride™ – The Wedding is Subtle AND Bold all at the same time – We have a nice Italian Marble with faux veins of stunning copper – the modern calligraphy is also done in textured copper. This is part of a Matching Wedding Set . This IS the trend for 2018 Weddings! The unique thing about this particular design is that you can change background color which will give you some very unique effects as it will show though the translucent Italian Marble showing off the subtle texture of the marble but in a new color. The Geometric frame is also edged in copper and is also translucent and gives a slight overlay appearance to the rest of the design. Try it for yourself by choosing “Click to Customize Further” and then a color from “Select a background color”. You can also place an actual hex number by choosing ‘Show Color Picker’ for an exact color match.  SHOP NOW

Modern Copper & Italian Marble Wedding Inspired Invitations